Why Dried Flowers are taking the Wedding World by Storm: The White Willow

I have always been a very creative person and I fell into creative floristry in lockdown.’’ Jamie Browne, aka the White Willow.

Jamie Browne, the incredible mind behind ‘The White Willow’, began her creative love affair with floristry during the lockdown. Upon pouring her heart and soul into these beautiful creations, Jamie now specialises in dried flowers bouquets, installations and moon gates for events and weddings.

A true artist, Jamie creates bespoke pieces with the purpose of making your wildest floral dreams come true. Her work has been featured in Brown Thomas in 2021, making her the ultimate floral guru.

Jamie shared with us the latest floral wedding trends and all the information you need to know about using dried flowers in your wedding bouquet. Fair warning, prepare yourselves for the floral fantasia of your dreams!

Image credit: The White Willow

How did you get into the world of wedding flowers?

I have always been obsessed with weddings and I myself was one of many who was planning on getting married in 2021. In my research, I found myself looking more at the flowers rather than the venues and dresses and I just became more and more interested, and I guess I just fell into it from scrolling Instagram.

In your opinion, what are the top trends for 2023 in floral wedding arrangements and bouquets?

I think people are still really interested in dried and preserved floral. I think people want more for their money now and the great thing about dried and preserved is, you can keep them for years with good care. Also, I think garden flowers are another trend we will see this year with lots of colour for sure!

Image credit: The White Willow

Can you tell us about your installations? And do you do moon gates?

Our installations are made from dried and preserved flowers and chicken wire. I like to describe them as floating floral clouds. They can be hung from the ceiling or attached to walls using small hooks as the installation itself is quite light. We also do floral pillars and arches for weddings and events. They are part of a new rental line we are going to be promoting on our website soon.

What is the process in choosing your flowers for a bouquet, and how can you style them?

I always say choose a colour scheme as opposed to choosing a particular flower as not all flowers are available depending on the season. If you have chosen the right florist and had a good consultation, there is no need to focus on particular flowers, just your colour preferences.

Image credit: The White Willow

Have you seen a higher demand for dried flowers in the last year?

100 percent! The demand for dried and preserved flowers has definitely increased in the last two years. I think we are all so much more aware of waste and sustainability, dried and preserved flowers can be used over and over with the right care.

What made you interested in creative floristry?

I have always been a very creative person and I fell into creative floristry in lockdown after my second child, Alba. I was on maternity leave from my hairdresser job and I felt at a loose end. I was used to doing shows and hair competitions with my job. One day I stumbled upon a creative florist page on Instagram and gave it a go, and I honestly just fell in love with it.

What is the favourite thing about your job?

That I create beautiful pieces of art using dried flowers. Also, I love the feeling of arriving to a client with a piece I’ve made for them and just seeing the joy on their face as I hang it. It is the best feeling.

If your magical flower installations could talk, what would they say?

I’m going to say, probably a line from a Taylor Swift song! Nearly every installation I’ve made has been made listening to her albums Folklore and Evermore.

A huge thank you to Jamie Browne for coming on board with us and showing off her bespoke creations.

You can check out her fabulous masterpieces over on Instagram: @thewhitewillow_driedflowers.