Something Blue Studio: The Boho Bridal Wear You Never Knew You Needed

Don’t be a lady; be a legend.

When it comes to accessories, there are so many beautiful things that can be incorporated into your big day. From the perfect clutch, to statement earrings and everything in between, Jeanette and her team from Something Blue Studio have everything that you could dream up and more! Are you ready to step into the world of bohemian bliss? We hear you; cowboy boots at the ready!

How did you get into the world of weddings?

A Master floral designer by trade, Jeanette graduated in Holland some years ago, and this organically led her into the world of weddings.

“Floral design led me towards wedding flowers and the bridal industry, which I loved for a long time!” 

Having also worked in event management, hospitality, and retail, Jeanette has an eye for detail and implementing high standards.

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She tells us, “I have a total weakness and obsession for pretty shops. I’m lucky enough to say that I am creative too, so it was a case of marrying all my experiences together for Something Blue Studio. I adore seeing new ideas and trends emerging for weddings; it has always been an industry that I find inspiring and exciting in so many ways.”

Can you tell us about your business Something Blue Studio?

“The essence of what I do, culminates from the feeling of celebrating love. It is one of the happiest emotions experienced in life and no matter what way you choose to do it, it is meaningful on such a personal level.”

“I have a great respect for authenticity and unique style. My business is driven on the basis of offering unique florals, ensembles, and accessories to couples who want to add their flair to their special day.”

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Something Blue Studio offers a very friendly and down to earth approach that embraces modern celebrations and let’s love lead the way. 

Whether you are seeking a small token gift, or an elaborate statement piece, a variety of options awaits you at Something Blue.

Jeanette has refurbished and curated the studio to welcome clients seeking a unique experience, and she tells us that it has become a very special space, full of immense love and energy!

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What are your best-selling products and services?

“While it is not a traditional bridal boutique with wall-to-wall gowns, we do offer a curated collection of unique pieces such as alluring capes, bridal jackets and faux furs.”

Funnily enough, Jeanette never intended to specialise in bridal gowns until she noticed a shift in the collective.

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“In recent years, we’ve seen a demand for Boho dresses for our free-spirited brides who love outdoor ceremonies.

Something Blue Studio currently has a limited selection of eccentric designs from Hollywood Hills; these gorgeous gowns have proven quite popular due to their decadent detailing.

“The intricate hand beaded capes are hands down a showstopper piece that brides are really loving at the moment. They are such a gorgeous heirloom to have in the family.”

Headwear is bang on trend at the studio right now, and Jeanette has a variety to suit everyone.

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Jeanette explains that brides are choosing accessories that add personality and value.

“People love the idea of wearing these items again for parties, festivals and anniversary celebrations in the future. For this reason the leather and denim bridal jackets are hugely popular along with the cowboy boots and fedoras which are a hot look for honeymooners too.”

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Do you make your own headpieces, jewellery and accessories?

“Currently, a portion of our headwear and accessories are created and customised in-store. We would like to expand on this when time allows.”

 “We also create unique dried florals and exclusive heirloom bouquets in store. These will extend into options for flower girl bouquets, and grooms men boutonnières in the future.”

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“Individuality is key, and we are very passionate that items we can offer are one of a kind and exclusive where possible.”

Are your pooch accessories popular with brides and grooms?

“Yes definitely! As more and more couples are opting for pet friendly venues, there is an increasing demand for poochie pie accessories. We offer a range of adjustable bow ties in colour options that can be coordinated to your colour scheme.”

 In recent years, people are loving featuring their pets in a special way like a dedicated cocktail named after their pet, pooch cake-toppers and walking their pets down the aisle!

Jeanette tells us that she can also create tasteful floral accessories for pets too, which look amazing for summer weddings.

Where did the idea for Something Blue Studio come from?

“Around November 2021 I had a niggling thought about going into business to do something I was really passionate about. We were slowly emerging from lockdown and seeing how so many couples had been compromised during that time, I could also see how trends were changing.”

One extraordinary train of thought came to Jeanette on an actual train; little did she know, her life would be changed in an instant.

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“I took the train to see my family for Christmas, and Something Blue struck me from nowhere.”

“Three days later on my return to Wexford, I walked along the Quay only to see the idyllic blue building for lease. There was a lot of work to do, but the vision was clear to me from the start, and by the end of the week I was preparing to take on the biggest and most exciting project of my life.” 

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Although the work behind the scenes was intense, she always felt like she was going in the right direction and things all started to unfold naturally.

“I finally opened the doors in August 2022 and feel so lucky to have had a chance to bring my vision to life and share it with so many gorgeous clients.”

Who are your style inspirations? And your business inspirations?

I love when women and brides are comfortable allowing true expression of their personality; it’s a style in itself.

“Being a free spirit at heart myself, I feel that the boutique aesthetic and pieces are a reflection of my own personal choice and tastes.

I am always amazed and intrigued to see people’s ideas and visions coming together when choosing their bridal look.

On a personal level, I take inspiration from trend setters such as Olivia Palermo, and fashion house Isabel Marant. I also have a weakness for Oscar de la Renta and source vintage jewellery pieces for the store when I can.

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“In business, you hear all sorts of very inspiring content but honesty has to be the core value that I aspire to most. I have huge admiration for business owners and entrepreneurs who are not afraid to be honest and who can genuinely encourage other people to do well.”

Any business is a risk and comes with its own demands and emotions. I respect when others can be open and support other professionals to navigate this, and I think it is a very understated and important part of business in today’s constantly changing framework.

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What would be your dream collaboration or client?

A very easy answer. It would have to be designing a Boho bridal collection with none other than Stevie Nicks. What an absolute dream that would be!

What are your future goals for Something Blue Studio?

As a small business owner and creative director, it can involve a lot of daily juggling and multi-tasking. 

The most important thing for me is maintaining and nurturing all the positive energy that started this project and building on that going forward. I want clients to feel valued and a big part of this journey. 

This is a unique experience built on love and passion from the inside out, so to share that with people who appreciate it is an honour and motivation in itself.


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