Reaching for the Stars: Iconic Wedding Accessories by Starr Luxury Creations

Accessories can elevate your entire look to create a moment that transcends time and space. The right accessories can be difficult to choose but opting for something that is personalised can bring an element of fun and joie de vivre that’s just so sweet. Chelsea Starr creates beautiful bridesmaid boxes as well as personalised accessories like clutches, veils, and handbags. Let’s take a look at the world of bespoke accessories!

How did you begin Starr Luxury Creations?

“Starr Luxury Creations Started back at the end of 2020,” says Chelsea. “With lockdown and being at home, it gave me the time to sit back and research and make a plan to start a small business. The wedding world part of my business came about when one of my good friends Cristin, who actually owns Willow Bridal Studios, floated the idea of maybe focusing on all things weddings as there would always be people getting married.”

Between Chelsea and Cristin, they worked on products, and Chelsea always got her friends’ opinion on everything saying, “she has the best knowledge in what people want for weddings.” After weeks of research, she finally settled on some products and went ahead and advertised them on her socials. Between Instagram and her Etsy shop, the business took off after a very short amount of time.

What is your biggest selling point?

“My business is solely run by myself with the helping hand of my wonderful husband,” explains Chelsea. “I run the business from my sitting room. My business focuses on all things wedding and hen party. I am always trying to grow my product range to make it fun and exciting.”

Chelsea’s biggest selling point to date, has been her hen party veils, which have been awarded bestseller on her etsy shop which she was so delighted with. “We have a little thing in our house when we hear the Etsy notification bing to say I have a new order, we all say yes. So no matter where we are, if my little boy hears the sound he will shout yes!”

In terms of your boxes, which are your biggest hits with customers?

“I have a range of personalised wedding boxes available: Bridal boxes, Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Proposal box to morning of the wedding boxes. My hen party veils and bridesmaid proposal boxes are absolutely flying out the door.”

Can you personalise everything that you sell with names and/or Mr & Mrs?

“Everything that is available in my shop is fully personalisable with any wording you would like. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff people want, a lot of private jokes.”

What inspired the name Starr Luxury Creations?

“The name Starr Luxury Creations came about one day when I was talking it over with my husband. I wanted to give my business a fancy name but also keep it close to my heart.”

 “The Starr part is my surname before marriage so that was super important to me. The luxury creations part came about because I want people to think of my brand as luxury and beautiful. So from that, Starr Luxury Creations was born and I couldn’t be happier!”

Where do you deliver to?

“I deliver my products worldwide. Within Ireland all packages are track and trace.”

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is my family. Growing up I always wanted to own my own business. But like everyone else, it takes having kids and settling down to make you really focus on what’s important.”

What are your dreams for the future or Starr Luxury Creations?

“My dream is to have my own office and at least one other person working for me. I would love to see my products on television and stocked in a few bridal stores around Ireland,” says Chelsea.

For more info check out @starrluxurycreations on Instagram.