Mother of Pearl: Why Pearls are a Timeless Choice for your Wedding Day

A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” - Coco Chanel ​ ​

Coco Chanel knew what she was talking about when it came to pearls. A true emblem of confidence, prestige and personal strength, pearls are a timeless treasure. Some say wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure you a happy marriage without any tears, while others say they will induce them! Whatever the folklore, we like to think that they are a stunning classic staple for any bride out there.

Here are a few reasons why we think wearing pearls on your big day and ditching the superstitions is the way to go.

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A Snippet of Pearl History

Pearls are considered to be one of the oldest gemstones, they are extremely unique and the only gem that forms within a living creature. Adding extra value from its natural form, pearls are an emblem of natural divinity.

The ancient Greeks were the first to link pearls with a married life, they believed pearls worn by the bride would help promote harmony in the relationship. Misconceptions revolve around wearing pearls and how they symbolize tears, however they were initially worn to stop brides from crying on their wedding day. Pearls represent eternal love, protection and purity.

How to style your pearls

A versatile beauty, you can incorporate pearls into your bridal look in so many ways. They are a delicate accessory and can be made custom to every bride. A wonderful way to incorporate pearls into your big day is by carrying them through your dress, veil or headpiece. A lot of brides choose this look and it just oozes elegance, grace and sophistication.

The Dress & Veil

Image credit: Leah Kelley via Pexels
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The Earrings

Image: Kinn Óir Bridal
Image: Kinn Óir Bridal
Image: Kinn Óir Bridal

Earrings are another great way to incorporate your pearls and are a very popular choice for both glam and minimalist brides. We especially love these beauties from Michelle di Salvo aka Kinn Óir Bridal.

The Headpiece

Embellished pearl headbands and headpieces go well with any gown. A pearl headpiece can transform any bridal look from minimalist to looking that little bit extra. It also works as a perfect replacement to a veil or an addition to your evening look.

Image: In Love Photography
Image credit: In Love Photography

We just adore these pieces from Kinn Óir Bridal which feature real leaves electro-plated in gold with branches of tiny seed pearls and cut-glass crystals that give the hair piece a natural, organic look.

The Accessories

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Pearl bracelets and necklaces are a simple vintage luxury, adding a delicate touch to your style. When choosing a style of pearl jewellery, thinking about how to wear them is important and how they’ll look with your style of dress if it’s ranging from v-neck or heart shaped.

A single or double strand of pearls can be worn as a choker or as a longer necklace, whichever suits your style or preference. They can be used as a statement or as a subtle piece of jewellery.

The Coloured Pearl

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Pearls don’t always have to be white or cream coloured, playing around with colours of pearls can be unexpected. Differentiating from the norm is unique, mixing white with black pearls or even a tint of blue for your ‘something blue’ can look stunning with a cool toned colour palette.

One of the best things about pearls is their timelessness. They will never age or fall out of style and can be passed down through generations maintaining their endless beauty. A beautiful heirloom that will be treasured forever.