Makeup Artist Lisa Shannon: When Inner Beauty Comes To Light

“Makeup should feel like an extension of what is already there and believe me, what’s already there is so beautiful.”Lisa Shannon Makeup

Image: Lisa Shannon Makeup

Feeling like the best version of you is important on your big day. Bespoke bridal makeup guru Lisa Shannon believes in the importance of enhancing every bride’s natural beauty.

From working with the likes of Charlotte Tilbury and Val Garland, Lisa Shannon has a wide range of expertise when it comes to makeup, from tips and tricks to makeup bag must-haves, she shares her makeup secrets with us! 

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to unleash the makeup!

Image: Lisa Shannon Makeup

What inspired your journey into the makeup industry?

Lisa began her love affair with makeup at a young age saying “My mum used to be a AVON rep so we always had makeup parties and thus my introduction to makeup.”

At the age of 19 Lisa was lucky enough to secure a job with MAC cosmetics which was the starting point of her career as a makeup artist.

Working alongside influential artists such as Charlotte Tilbury and Val Garland, as well as some other big names, she blossomed into a true artist very quickly. 

Lisa expresses her love for learning new tricks as a well established artist explaining, “I still love learning.”

 “I can learn a few new tricks from any client, you really have to be a sponge when you are an artist and never think that you are done evolving.”

What is your favourite part about creating bridal looks?

“My job is kind of like therapy. The best part of creating bridal looks is watching a bride see her completed look for the first time.”

“ I always get chills,” she adds. “I can well up with emotion because some of my clients don’t believe they are truly beautiful and my job is to show them. It’s the best part.”

In your opinion what are five products everyone should have in their makeup bag?

  1. Lip balm by Terry Rose 
  2. Golden 1 bronzer by Bobbi Brown – “It’s so versatile!”
  3. Costa Riche brown eye liner by MAC cosmetics
  4. Pillow Talk nude lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury
  5. Airbrush pressed powder by Charlotte Tilbury

What bridal makeup trends have you noticed and expect for 2023?

Skin is a huge focus for 2023, especially the trend of the “no skin look” explains Lisa.

“It’s all about the polished and expensive ‘no skin look’, that is flawless without any foundation. However we do apply foundation, we just make it look effortless.”

Lisa tells us, “I adore this look for a bride it will never date and it truly enhances her beauty. I love true skin like a natural flush or freckles.”

“Soft fluffy brows are also a huge trend not as overly brushed up but very groomed and hairlike. Glossy lips are making a comeback this year, less lipstick and more gloss!” 

Do you have any tips for brides on how to maintain their makeup throughout the day?

The way each bride maintains their makeup throughout the day is personal to each individual bride. Lisa says, “some will just want a simple gloss in their bag others may want more.”

The MUA recommends a pressed powder for controlling shine saying, “ I love blush for a bride and a touch up can really bring the look back to life during the day.”

“Also a lip liner and lipstick if that’s part of your look. It’s a feature that needs extra attention and topping up.”

Image: Lisa Shannon Makeup Artist

What is your process of choosing the perfect shades for eye colours? 

Lisa swears by the basic colour theory in choosing what colours will complement and enhance a bride’s natural skin tone, eye colour and hair. 

This can be used as such, “blue eyes matched with an orange tone blush and peach eye shadow.”  

“I love playing with all aspects of colour from complementary makeup looks to monochromatic looks.”

It’s not all about colour either. Lisa says that the bride’s personality will guide the creative direction in finding a perfect look.

What is one thing you’ve learned while being a bridal makeup artist? 

“Relating it back to emotion, because makeup is just one really tiny piece of the puzzle, and I learned that you can only add so much.”

Creating a dream makeup look on a bride is amazing but Lisa explains that, “what truly makes a bride’s day perfect is love. The love from her friends, children, family and partner.”

 “Yes makeup is important but I have learned not to overthink the process and stop putting so much pressure on myself.” 

If you could have a dream client who would that be and why?

 “There are just so many incredible women, I would love the honour of being their makeup artist but if I had to choose just one I would say Cher!”

“I adore her strength, power, influence and can you imagine the glam she would let me create! I think she is a true icon and of course I would want to hear all the juicy gossip from her incredible journey!”

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