Love In Motion: Mark Curran Videography

Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

From a very young age Mark Curran has been hitting ‘record’ on his camera and capturing the moments that everyone else missed out on.

Today, it’s still his passion. 

From breathtaking photography to cinematic videos, Mark outlines the behind-the-scenes work that goes into directing the ultimate fairytale film.

If you’re considering hiring a videographer to document your wedding day, look no further than Mark Curran to make your wedding daydreams come true.

So without further ado, let’s get the film rolling!

From being the student who would film everything on school trips to making holiday videos for his own YouTube channel, to currently creating cinematic wedding videos across Ireland and in exciting locations like Allta restaurant, Mark has made a significant breakthrough in his career.

It all started with his Dad as Mark reminisces saying, “When we were going on holidays years ago, he would always bring a video camera and record the whole day and then transfer it onto a little disc. So it was like a homemade video.”

“That gave me the biggest inspiration.”

With that being said, Mark further went on to complete three years in a photography course which is where he uncovered his quirk for making cinematic style videos with a certain mixture of ingredients.

“Weddings are very sentimental and there’s a moment that is super meaningful and is like ‘Wow this is giving me goosebumps,’” he explains. 

In 2020 Mark jumped into the world of everything weddings, taking on the role of a photographer.

“Once you do one wedding is when people actually start talking and liking what you do. You think you need a good social media, but actually it’s the word of mouth that gets you well known.”

Image Credit: Markcurran.videography

Being a people’s person and open to being chatty on the day is crucial alongside your craft, Mark explains, people skills and connecting with others is something that will propel your career forward.

 “I still think word of mouth is better than any social media, I think that because they can see you as a person. You know, like, I could be anyone behind a screen where if they see me they can interact, I think there comes more trust with word of mouth as well.”


Image Credit: Markcurran.videography

We asked Mark who his biggest inspiration is, and he explained how instead of picking huge well known film directors, he gets his inspiration from the likes of Sam Colder and other YouTubers that focus on creating raw and meaningful content. However, his biggest inspiration still remains his Dad as he was the first stepping stone in his career who introduced him to the world of cameras. 

On the topic of photography vs videography, Marks takes a different approach explaining, “I think a video, let’s you say if you’ve like lost a past relative, or you know, someone who’s moved far away, and if you still hear their voice, that moment is right there in the palm of your hand. I still think that speaks volumes as opposed to a photo.” 

“I feel like a video can bring so much more emotion in one.”

On the topic of bringing videos to life we asked Mark what certain elements make up an incredible wedding video. 

From the adrenaline rush to always being prepared for the unexpected, Mark explains his main priority is making the couple feel most comfortable in front of the camera, and trying to settle their nerves.

He does so by showing them, “I’m also a human and not just someone shoving a camera into your face!”

Being able to make a person feel at ease and comfortable is key but also working with something that is hard to complete with the unexpected real life complications that can arise on the day, small malfunctions or missing a shot can be a challenge Mark explains.

“In the moment, I find it so annoying if I miss a shot, but I still make it work. It’s all about perspective and a positive outlook.”


Image Credit: Markcurran.videography

Meeting up with the couple prior to the wedding is the first step in understanding what the couple hopes for the video.

“I ask them if they have four or five requests that they really, really want,” he says.

 Requests can vary from perspectives like which angle the couple would prefer when the bride is walking down the aisle, it’s all specific to each couple.

“I have to go by my own instincts as well and my artistic style,” Mark explains.

Image Credit: Markcurran.videography

Mark’s favourite part of his job is the relationships he gets to create with people.

“I was once chatting to the mother of the bride and I sat beside her and set up my tripod and just let the conversation flow. I caught this beautiful moment of her laughing which I then edited in slow motion.”

 “It’s about sparking that emotion and getting the most unexpected shot that you didn’t think would turn out.”

Working in the industry, you familiarise yourself with the wedding trends and aesthetics. We asked Mark about his must haves when it comes to capturing the perfect wedding image.

“When bridesmaids wear the same colour tones, I think that looks more pleasing to the eye and the same goes for the grooms men with matching shoes, it just looks more aesthetically pleasing.” 

Of course everyone has their preferences, he adds in “shooting the cake and the couple having their slice together is also something I would add in.”

“I also like to have their first dance included. I think that is a key special moment that cannot be missed.”

To wrap it all up we asked Mark “What is one piece of advice that he wishes every bride and groom knew?” 

“It would be to take in the moment and remember that everything will be okay.”

“There are wedding directors, and all the people in the world that you need to make it the best day of your life. No matter what happens, the priority is you.”

Image Credit: Markcurran.videography

If you’re looking for your magical day to be filmed check out Mark’s socials: Instagram : @markcurran.videography or email: