The Irish Charm: Our Top 7 Wedding Venues in Ireland

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“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.” – Alexandra Stoddard

With grand ballrooms with sparkling chandeliers, intimate blooming gardens, or awe-inspiring landscapes, Ireland offers the perfect setting for any wedding celebration. 

The country’s majestic castles, charming cottages, and elegant manor houses will infuse weddings with romance and enchantment. Those seeking a modern ambiance can find urban venues with sophisticated and elegant decor that will captivate audiences.

Given the unpredictable weather in Ireland, all of these gorgeous venues have indoor and outdoor spaces available. 

Here are seven of our favourite venues, each imbued with unique charm and allure.

Adare Manor

Image: Adare Manor

Looking for an Irish fairytale? Look no further than Adare Manor. 

This dreamy luxury hotel is nestled on 840 acres of rolling hills next to the river Maigue – the grand estate and architecture are unrivalled.

A spa and a golf course are among the amenities this castle offers.

The Dean

Image: The Dean

If a lively after-party is what you are searching for, then the Dean is the spot for you.

Located in Dublin City Centre, this stylish modern hotel is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding of 120 people. 

With a private balcony and bar, the light-filled blue room is the ultimate urban reception room. 

Kilshane House

Image: Kilshane House

For botanical beauty, Kilshane house takes the cake.

The impressive manor house and conservatory stand in the centre of 320 acres of parkland and boasts beautiful lush greenery as far as the eye can see.

The gorgeous glass conservatory that seats 200 is the main selling point of this venue; there’s nothing else quite like it!

Trudders Lodge

Image: Trudders Lodge

Fancy a wedding in the countryside that’s far away from all the hustle and bustle?

From the vine-covered 19th-century country house to the rustic reception basement, this venue has so much to offer.

Horse riding, golf, and clay pigeon shooting can be arranged for entertainment.

Virginia Park Lodge

Image: Virginia Park Lodge

The stunning stained-glass windowed ceremony room is our favourite feature of this venue, but if that wasn’t enough, the charming 18th century country house convinced us! 

100 acres of Parkland and forestry provide natural beauty and entertainment like fishing and golf. 

Ashford Castle

Image: Ashford Castle

Truly regal, Ashford castle has more going for it than meets the eye.

This venue offers a variety of ceremony locations including churches, gardens, or drawing room. Fishing, horse riding, spa treatments, fishing, and falconry.

No. 25 Fitzwilliam House, Dublin 

Image: No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place

The atmosphere of No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place makes this the perfect urban addition to our list; deep blue walls, large windows, and period furniture give this venue a charming yet modern feel that is entirely unique. 

Located in the historic Georgian quarter of Dublin, the contemporary house can host 60 guests. 

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Whether you prefer a metropolitan celebration or a romantic country getaway, we hope you find something on this list that inspires you!