Best in The Business: Ireland’s Top Hairdresser gives her Style Tips for your Perfect Wedding Hair

Multi-award winning hairdresser Martha Galvin is gifted in her ability to create incredible looks that will stand the test of time. Crowned the Irish Hairdresser of the year 2022, Martha is the reigning champion of hair and runs her business Allure Hair & Beauty with partner and husband James Baird. When it comes to choosing the perfect look for your big day, Martha tells us that the key is to know yourself really well so that your look is right for you. Ready to dive into the world of wedding hair? Let’s go!

In your opinion, what are the top bridal hair trends for 2023?

When it comes to your wedding day, there are a lot of factor that I need to take into consideration before we finalise your hair. We need to look at the colour palette, the theme, the colour of your skin, eyes and hair and of course, the hair accessories or veil you will choose. The ponytail is something that is so understated but extremely elegant. I think we´re going to see a lot of ponytail styles coming in 2023 as well as beautiful updos that include floral decor. What I always advise brides is to steer away from the trends. They are ever changing and they won’t always suit your face shape or style. Be open to exploring your options when coming into the salon and that´s the way you´ll find an amazing look that’s perfect just for you.

What is your advice for brides on getting their hair into the perfect condition before the wedding?

My advice for brides is this; use great products in your hair, just as you would for any other part of your body or beauty regime. Your hair is alive, it’s a part of you and should be treated as such. Avoid cheap silicone shampoos and opt for high end products. Yes it can be expensive, but they are an investment into the future of your hair and will save you a lot of money in the long run. The other thing I would say to brides is to avoid changing everything just before your day. I have seen a lot of women change their hair colour completely ahead of the day due to nerves and feeling a kind of pressure that comes with the territory. These brides need to remember that they know themselves best and honour to that. You know what you like best so don’t pay attention to what’s in trend or what everyone else is doing. That’s how you´ll have an amazing day and an amazing hairstyle.

Image credit: Allure Hair & Beauty

Are hair accessories a trend for 2023? And if so what type of accessories are popular?

It’s important to remember that most brides will be using some type of hair accessory. Be it a hair clip, fascinator, headpiece, tiara or veil. These all play a huge part in what you can do with the hair on the day. You want the hairstyle to last all day so this is crucial. Most hairdressers will do a bridal trial before the big day. It is so important to bring all of those accessories with you on the day of your trial and that way you´ll be able to see what the finished result looks like.

Image credit: Allure Hair & Beauty
Image credit: Allure Hair & Beauty

Do a lot of people use hair extensions on their wedding day? And if so, is it harder to style?

Yes. They are such a great idea and I´ll tell you why. Hair extensions add volume to a look and create so much more variety in what you can do. With extensions, the options are endless. Everything from a low ponytail to an elongated plait with lots of flowers and gems, the options just expand tenfold. I always use Foxy Locks extensions for their amazing quality and they’re really easy to style. You can also match your colour perfectly which is a huge bonus.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration in the world of weddings?

I’m inspired by women who just go for it! I love everything about weddings and I think that Ireland is a great place to get married. We´re so steeped in tradition here that you just won’t  find anywhere else. Like did you know that veils weren’t worn until the 1920´s in Ireland and they were originally introduced to ward off any evil spirits from the marriage? It’s true! And originally they were worn by men but it later became a stylish statement that was worn by almost every bride.

As Ireland’s best hairdresser, who is your dream client?

That’s easy to answer. My dream client is a woman who knows herself very well and isn´t afraid to try something new and think outside the box!

For more info or to see Martha´s amazing creations, check out Allure Hair & Beauty Ballina and Castlebar, @marthagalvinhair on Instagram or email