Aroma d’Amor: Enchanting and Elegant Fragrances to Accompany you down the Aisle

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak.” – Francis Kurkdjian

Since the days of Queen Cleopatra in Egypt, smell has been an enchanting part of the beauty regime and was believed to be so powerful that it was almost outlawed in many countries! Thankfully today we can celebrate our love of beautiful scents every day with a spritz of our favourites.

Perfume has a magical power of captivating the most cherished memories and evoking a sense of nostalgia. Almost like time travel, it can transport you to another time by connecting smell, emotion and visceral imagery. Choosing what scent you wear on the day can be tricky, but it should be a personal decision that disregards trends.

Creatively speaking, your chosen fragrance can even be tied into the flower arrangements and colour palette. Light floral scents harmonise with softer colours like spring pastels or peachy pinks. Stronger scents will pair well with richer colours like deep reds or blacks for a glamorous winter wedding.

The perfume you choose to wear should make you feel spectacular. In order to get you there, we’ve created a list of our ultimate favourites as inspiration for your nuptials.

Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Suede

Image credit: Olga Hogan Photography

Known as the ‘essence of charm,’ this Jo Malone perfume is known for its crisp notes of red apple with a fruity twist. A flirtatious scent with opulent notes of jasmine rose and gillyflower. Portraying the duality la femme, it boasts a soft sweet aura alongside strong powerful notes.

PS. If you’re looking for something extra special, Jo Malone offers a Wedding Scent experience in store. A 30 mins long experience, you can create a unique wedding scent to last forever.

Price: €124 – 100ml

Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle

Image credit: Olga Hogan Photography

This delicate perfume has a pretty, powdery, timeless scent. Possessing a vibrant orange composition, it features a transparent accord of jasmine and May rose. The scent finally unfurls with the vibrant accents of patchouli and vetiver. A beautiful choice to evoke a sense of romance and passion eluding from a bride on her wedding day.

Price: €147 – 100ml

Gucci - Bloom Nettare di Fiori

Image credit: Olga Hogan Photography

The perfect scent for a spring or summer bride where fresh scents work perfectly. Intensely sensual and feminine, Bloom Nettare di Fiori celebrates the intimate and authentic character of a woman. Rose and osmanthus flower resonate in an enigmatic, woody blend together with the notes of the original Gucci Bloom.

Price: €99.34 – 100ml
Image credit: Pexels

Esteé Lauder - Beautiful Belle

Image credit:


Lychee, mimosa, rose petals, orange flower, gardenia, and marzipan musk mingle in this perfume for an overall tantalizing scent. Flawlessly complementing any boho bride.

Price: €121 – 100ml

Le Labo - Lys 41

Image credit: Brown Thomas

Known as being a modern icon in the perfume world. Each bottle is hand-blended with a personalised label giving it that unique touch. Overwhelming white floral – a blend of jasmine, tuberose absolute and lily, bewitching in its noble, warm and sunny approach.

Price: €265- 100ml / €80 – 15ml

Tom Ford - White Patchouli

Image credit: Brown Thomas

This quintessential fragrance features sleek wood notes with luxurious elegant white flowers. A modern scent with a retro-classic influence, it’s a gorgeous example of the harmonious marriage of old and new.

Price: €160 – 100ml

Byredo - Gypsy Water

Image credit: Brown Thomas

Gypsy Water is an ode to the beauty of Romani culture. The woody and aromatic fragrance opens up with notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper and juniper berries. Embodying a calmness to any free-spirited bride.

Price: €205 – 100ml / €145 – 50ml

Chloé - Eau de Parfum

Image credit: Brown Thomas

Intimate and sensual, this signature scent draws on the classical rose with a combination of peony, lychee and springtime freesia. The airy, flirtatious headnotes drift away to reveal the richer and romantic notes. Wedding-worthy choice with a dash of sweetness.

Price: €117 – 100ml

Maison Margiela Replica - Springtime in a Park

Image credit: Brown Thomas

Simply a memory in a bottle. Opening with bright notes of bergamot essence and sweet pear, revealing warm creamy notes of vanilla. Maison Margiela’s fragrance collection combines unisex scents that resonate with everyone’s imagination. Great for soothing you along the aisle with familiar aromas.

Price: €118.45 – 100ml

Georgio Armani - Sí

Image credit: Unsplash

‘Sí’ is Italian for yes, saying ‘yes’ to the confidence that defines femininity on your big day. This perfume is highly distinctive with exquisite honey hues and sensual notes of oak moss, while adding a touch of grace. A minimalist scent most definitely fit for the occasion.

Price: €127.95 – 100ml