Alice May Bridal: Finding Your Paradise in the World of Bridalwear

The Caring Gown by Alice May Bridal

“I have no idea of the future – never ever.  That’s what I like about fashion: it’s paradise now.” Karl Lagerfeld

As you read this, the dreamiest of dresses await to be chosen by you, from one of Dublin’s most wonderful and unique bridal boutiques. 

Modern, elegant, sleek and timeless, Alice May Bridal has everything you need to create a lasting memory that escapes the mundane and transports you to paradise!

Are you ready to step into a world of romantic French lace, floral hand-painted creations, and delicious buttery silks? Let’s go!

Catherine Deane

Sidney Dress by Catherine Deane from Alice May Bridal

Eight years ago, CEO of Alice May Bridal Alison Daly, embarked on a journey into the wedding industry through her lifelong love of bridal gowns.

The entrepreneur describes how she sees dresses as, “a beautiful piece of a magical moment in someone’s life.”

Not one to be easily satisfied, Alison spends her time researching what’s next and is always looking for the next big moment in fashion to present itself.

“Being part of the process always intrigued me,” she explains, “as well as the stunning styles and magnificent designs that are showcased every season.”

Now the proud owner of two bridal boutiques in  Foxrock and Kinsealy, Alison has excelled at growing her business from strength to strength and finds happiness in making sure her brides get to live out their wedding day dreams.

The Carmel Gown by Rosa Clará at Alice May Bridal

Describing her biggest inspiration in the world of fashion, Alison says that Adrea Hawkes is someone she really admires.

“Andrea Hawkes is a definite icon. A British fashion designer who works for Savin London and one of my favourite designers,” she says.

The Phoenix dress by Andrea Hawkes, Image: Alice May Bridal

 “Hawkes has the magic power of elegantly forming dresses with beautiful floral hand-painted gowns and embroidery which are showstoppers for any bride looking for something a little bit different!” 

Alison adds in, “They have a sleek sophisticated timeless style that I just adore.”

When it comes to choosing the right designers for her boutique, Alison says its super easy!

“Choosing the right designers is always a no brainer!” she explains.

“We have very different brides visiting our two boutiques, and we learn from them what designs they adore, from relaxed boho to opulent, all the way down to sleek chic.”

The Alexis Trousers paired with the Anya Topper by Catherine Deane, Image: Alice May Bridal

Alice May Bridal frequently travels to shows in London, Harrowgate and Barcelona, where they visit specific brands that focus on styles that Irish brides are loving.

Keeping up with the latest trends is something that keeps Alice May ahead of the pack in terms of her fresh, youthful and vibrant designs that we are mad about!

Image: Alice May Bridal

As a working mum of three, Alison says that running her business is not without its challenges.

“I’m a working mother of three, I think every mother out there would identify with the challenges that it brings in itself.”

“We definitely took a hit with covid as every retailer did. Specifically the bridal industry, it is such an emotional, personable purchase that doesn’t translate easily to the online sales sphere.”

The Ryo Jumpsuit by Catherine Deane, Image: Alice May Bridal

While reading the market Alice May Bridal found a larger demand for a less formal style including a more relaxed day two style.

 Investing in this demand, Alice May Bridal now has a wide range of relaxed formal wear to complement their luxury bridal gowns.

Image: Alice May Bridal

Her plans for the next five years include building a stronger online brand as well as venturing onto her own designs, we’re so excited to see them!

“It’s a definite ‘watch this space’ moment,” says Alison.

Stardust cape by Catherine Deane from Alice May Bridal

When it comes to good design, Alison says, “To me, it is all about emphasising the bride’s journey and having her look good and feel amazing in a gown with fabrics that are moulded to her.”

 “The luxury is all in the bride’s experience and how she feels when she selects the perfect style suited to her.”

Alison tells us that the team at Alice May Bridal will make sure that you leave with the dress of your dreams in hand.

“From the moment any bride-to-be steps foot into our boutique, she will be welcomed with open arms!” 

Image: Alice May Bridal

Her advice to brides-to-be is this; give yourself plenty of time.

“You want to narrow it down to your favourites and have the time to retry and be absolutely certain that it is the dress you adore.”

 “Go with your gut; you’ll know ‘the one’ when you step into it. But definitely prioritise time, that’s the key. Above all, enjoy it!”

So all that’s left to answer is this; are you ready to meet ‘the one’? As in, the dress of your dreams of course!

If so, head down to Alice May Bridal in Foxrock or Kinsealy today. You can also check out Alice May Bridal over on or socials on Instagram @AliceMayBridal.