5 Ways To Incorporate Mother Nature in your Wedding Day

“Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.”

As we all know, weddings are tough on the environment.

From the back and forth travel, to the flowers and food waste left over at the end of the night, a lot of energy and carbon gets put into each event. 

Being more environmentally conscious, especially when it comes to weddings, is now so easy, and incorporating eco-friendly decision-making into your preparation can be fun and super simple! 

So, whether you want to go entirely eco-friendly or simply reduce your environmental impact, here are some helpful methods for incorporating Mother Nature while being kinder to the planet!

1. Choosing a Sustainable Venue

Image Source: Wicklow Escape

Your wedding location has the greatest impact on your carbon footprint since your guests will have to travel to the destination, and picking the perfect venue that is convenient to you is crucial.We know this can be a challenge, so why not consider finding a venue that supports sustainability and zero waste?

The Wicklow Escape is Located in Donard, Co.Wicklow has an ethos of zero waste, and have created both an abundant kitchen garden and a network of hyper-local produce for their wedding menus.

2. Wedding Invites

Image Source: The Paper Shop

Sending out digital invitations is an option that is fast and efficient, however we personally think saying no to the handful possibilities of pretty aesthetics from fonts to creative imagery is a crime! 

And who doesn’t want to pop their wedding invites into a keepsake memory box? So in terms of being sustainable, why not opt for recyclable paper or plantable invitations that can be planted and grown into flowers! You can quite literally buy and grow yourself your own flowers… 

Check out The Paper Shop, they specialise in seeded and plantable stationary. 

3. Support Ethical Designers

Image Source: Dirty Fabulous
Image Source: Dirty Fabulous
Image Source: Dirty Fabulous

Choosing wedding dresses and suits that are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp is a great way to approach ethical fashion. 

The likes of Mizz Rio, Not A Nother White Dress, upcoming designer Jenny Ashe and many more, specialise in bespoke and custom-made dresses that are locally and made-to-measure. Or why not source a vintage dress, there are so many bridal boutiques out there and even charity shops (if you’re lucky) that source them! 

Our personal favourite is Dirty Fabulous , after wearing your dress or suit on your big day why not re-wear, re-work or resell? 

4. Wedding Favours

Image Source: Joshua Zuckerman Photography

Treating your guests while also treating the planet is a happy medium! There are countless options to choose from , Why not opt for seed bags or personalised succulents? Or if you prefer soy wax candles, handmade soaps or locally produced hand cream?

Supporting small local businesses and using eco-friendly products minimises the environmental impact of your big day, and who wouldn’t want to plant a tree or flower as a constant reminder of your celebrations?

Image Source: Etsy

Leafy greens thrown in the air are a great alternative to fake, plastic confetti for nature enthusiasts. What more could you want? Stylish, inexpensive, and in the spirit of zero waste. We especially love rose petals, lavender and bay leaves as options for beautiful, natural and fragrant confetti.


5. Eco-Friendly Menu

Image Source: Pyaariweddings
Image Source: Pinterest

Working with your caterer or choosing a venue that provides a zero waste and local produce menu that includes local, organic, and seasonal foods is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Consider serving vegetarian or vegan options to further reduce the impact! Sourcing local wines and distilleries is also a nice way to tie in supporting local business while being conscious!

Why not make it an option to send home food with your guests by providing recyclable takeaway boxes or look into donating the food waste to a local food bank or shelter.

Here is a few other simple ways that you can have a eco-friendly wedding:

  • Arrange for guests to gift sustainably. For example, you could ask them to donate to a climate organisation, wildlife fund, or social justice fund in lieu of gifts.
  • Eco honeymoons are a lovely option for environmentally conscious couples. For example, you might choose an airline that offsets your carbon emissions (or donate to an organisation who will on your behalf). Check out Viatu for ethical travel tips and booking.
  • Source cruelty-free makeup and hair products, or products with minimal packaging and delivery distance.